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September 7, 2024



Come join us in Red Lodge, MT for the third annual 8-hour Whistle Pig Adventure Race.  This multisport event combines map and compass navigation with biking, trekking, and additional adventure-related challenges. 


The Whistle Pig is part of the Rocky Mountain Adventure Race Series.

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Just wanted to give a shout out to The Whistle Pig AR this past weekend. It was the first year of this race and the race directors and community came together to create an amazing experience. The race is in Red Lodge Montana which is a charming little mountain town on the beginning of the Beartooth highway. If you are looking for a fall vacation race definitely put this one on your calendars for next year. You can bring the family and make a trip out of it over the Beartooth Highway and right into Yellowstone.

The race itself had a bit of everything, we had to plot some UTM coordinates, bike, trek, rock climb and frisbee golf. The large elevation changes made navigation straight forward but I was definitely sucking wind biking back up the mountain! I was 9 check points and one poker run flag away from clearing the course and the poker run. I was honestly disappointed when I had to head for the finish at 6 hours. I wanted more time in the mountains to explore the last little bit of the course!
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