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Is the concept of adventure racing new to you? We're here to help answer your questions and focus on education so you feel confident come race day.

What is an adventure race?

An adventure race is not your typical race. Typically involving biking and trekking and sometimes some form of rope or paddle element as well. What makes an adventure race extremely unique is that there is no set course. You are given a map with checkpoints the night before the race and it's up to you to choose how you find those checkpoints.


Who is adventure racing for?

Adventure racing can be for everyone. We've specifically designed the Whistle Pig AR for all skill levels. Basically any age and any skill level can compete.


What kind of gear do I need?

We do have a short mandatory gear list that includes a bike, helmet, bear spray, compass, and writing utensils. However, we are in the Beartooths so we we recommend bringing other items such as layers of clothing, emergency blanket, etc. See our full gear list here. 


How difficult is an adventure race?

It's up to you! Since you choose your route, you choose how many checkpoints you plan to get and thus how hard you want to push yourself.  None of the checkpoints are mandatory. The course is designed so no one can accomplish every single checkpoint.


What if I don't know how to navigate?

Don't stress about the navigation if you're not a pro. This is a good time to challenge yourself in that skill but you should still be able to find checkpoints in the course, without the use of a compass. We also will be holding an orienteering course the night before the race.


What is a whislte pig?

While we consider a whistle pig a participant, it is another word for a marmot- hence our mascot.


How long is the race?

Again, it's up to you as you design the course! You have 8 hours to get as many as you want. You're able to take as many breaks or end early if that's what you want to do.

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