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Whistle Pig Ins and Outs


This multisport event combines map and compass navigation with biking, trekking and additional adventure related challenges. In last year's race, these special events included climbing and frisbee golf. This year, the events will be something completely different, so expect anything, including possibly getting wet ;) .  Don't worry, they will be fun, and achievable. 

Teams consisting of one to four individuals will attempt to find as many checkpoints as possible within the 6-hour time limit.  Routes are not predetermined; participants will use the maps provided to navigate from checkpoint to checkpoint.  Teams do not have to secure all checkpoints to finish the race.  Teams will be scored by the number and value of checkpoints acquired and their overall time. 

The Whistle Pig is part of the Rocky Mountain Adventure Race Series and United States Adventure Race Association (USARA).  Our insurance requires that each participant be a member of USARA by either purchasing a day pass or a season pass. If you are already a members, awesome! If not, you may either purchase the pass ahead of time on the USARA website or as a part of the race registration.  Each person on the team will need to register for the race individually, pay the USARA fee ($35 annual or $8 day plus processing fees) and sign a waiver. Please only register one person at a time (even though RunSignUp will let you register multiple people), so you don't get an error. If you register with USARA ahead of time,  make sure you use the same name and email address with USARA and here. 

We look forward to hosting you in September!


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